Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A change in the tides

I don't know what kind of president he'll be. He might screw up, he might not do everything he promised. He'll compromise on things that I think shouldn't be compromised (gay marriage for one). And he probably won't change the way that Washington operates as much as he would like to.

But damn. It feels good to have a president who shares my values again.

Can I get an Amen?


ScienceGirl said...

Amen! Living in a red state over the past presidency has left me feeling like a lone lunatic; I am so ready for this change!

Emily said...

It is all so inspiring, it makes me wish I was an American! :)
His acknowledgement of the change needed to repair the US image overseas was an important part of his speech.
Here's to change!

Jane said...


And I loved the reference to bringing legitimacy back to science...what a refreshing change from the last 8 years!

Jenn, PhD said...


It's inspiring to see the wave of hope sweep the states. I'm not an American, but I think this is something most of the world appreciates.

Elisabeth said...


I am finding myself feeling such a flood of emotions as I think about those executive orders to close Gitmo and CIA secret prisons and end torture. It seems like he intends to follow through on what he said. Wow. Wonderful.

quietandsmalladventures said...


i watched the inauguration with such a sense of change and huge possibilities opening up. it's such a rare feeling these days, i was tearing up in the campus center watching :)

my adviser and i have been discussing how quickly he's going to reverse bush's policies, then low and behold, he reversed the family planning funding policy yesterday!!

Anonymous said...


Wayfarer Scientista said...

It feels good to have hope. Even though it could all backfire.

The bean-mom said...

Here's your five questions, Sciencemama!

1. Several months ago, you wrote that you were exploring alternative career options in science and had taken on some contract work (in science writing, I think?) Could you give us an update on how that's going?

2. What is the latest cutest thing that Bean is doing?

3. If you'd never taken college biology, what do you think you'd be doing now?

4. What is your favorite vacation?

5. Would you ever consider relocating to the Midwest?

canuck_grad said...

Hi there! Just realized it's been a long time since you posted. Just wanted to stop by and say I hope everything is OK!

E said...

me too! miss your blog!

Jenn, PhD said...

Me three! Hope all is well and you're just enjoying a blogging break

ScientistMother said...

Hey sciencemama,

Just checking in to make sure everything was OK as you haven't posted on your blog or commented on some of the others that you normally do. Miss you!