Monday, May 11, 2009

RBO Mothers Day

*I had a really lovely Mothers Day, and it kicked off with Bean sleeping in until almost 7:00. Awesome. 

*As I lay in bed, Husband got up and retrieved Bean from her crib and then while Bean and I cuddled and read books, Husband made us challah french toast.  Double awesome.

*Bean sang "Happy Birthday dear mama" during breakfast.  Close enough.

*We all dressed and, after a brief stop off at my lab (colonies!), we went to meet some friends at the park for playtime and a picnic.  I spent a blissful morning running barefoot in the grass with Bean, helping her dig in the sand, and blowing bubbles for her and her little buddy.

*An exhausted Bean took a really good nap, which meant that I could take a really nice nap.

*We ended the day on a high note, with Bean as a willing dinner table participant and probably 45 minutes of cuddly reading before bedtime.

All in all, pretty much exactly how I wanted to spend the day.


Jenn, PhD said...

Sounds wonderful!
Happy belated Mother's Day :)

The bean-mom said...

Sounds wonderful! I had a good Mother's day, too!