Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another big milestone

Last Thursday night after we picked Bean up from school, she was crawling around and playing like usual. She crawled over to the couch and, for the first time ever, pulled herself up to a standing position!

This is a huge event in the ScienceMama household. 1) My baby is growing up! 2) This requires a whole new level of baby-related vigilance. 3) This requires a whole new level of baby-proofing. 4) My baby is growing up!

Bean spent the whole weekend practicing her newest skill. She's not really good at it yet, but she's improving crazy fast.

So last night Husband lowered the mattress in Bean's crib. Huge bummer. I now have to stand on my tip toes and bend all the way over to get the Bean into her crib. But it'll keep her from climbing out of her crib (head-first), so I guess that's kinda important.

This morning, when we dropped the Bean off at school, we warned her teachers that she was working on standing up, but was still awfully prone to falling over. "Oh yeah," her teacher responded, "she was doing that all last week, too."

Sigh. I guess we didn't see her first pull-up after all. But that's okay. It was exciting nonetheless.

This little Bean is changing so fast. I thought we'd have a period of time where she would just be crawling before she moved on to the standing up, pre-walking phase. But no sooner does she master one task before she's moving on to the next. I think we're going to be chasing her around in a matter of months...


Jane said...

Wow! How very exciting! It's amazing how fast they change at this age, isn't it?

The bean-mom said...

Congrats, little Bean! It's amazing how fast they change and learn at this age... Good for you for lowering her crib mattress! My husband and I didn't do that early enough with our firstborn, and she took a nasty tumble out of her crib =(

mamabear said...

i have a friend that has an arrangement with her daycare - they never tell her when her daughter does milestone stuff there. That way they let her have her "firsts" with mommy and it makes mommy feel a lot better about being apart from her.