Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Monday

Well, my day was... wet.

Nevermind that it's absolutely pouring outside and has been since yesterday. I was fine until about an hour after I got to lab.

I was chatting with my baymate this morning. I noticed I could hear gushing water in one of our little alcove rooms, but I assumed someone was in there washing glassware. Not so.

Actually, there was water gushing out from the cabinet and onto the floor. We opened the cabinet and the line for the DI water snaked out and started twirling around like an unmanned firehouse, soaking me from head to toe. It took a second for us to react before my baymate grabbed the line and tilted it up so that it would point back into the sink, shooting our chemical bench, our supply of Whatman paper, and the ceiling with even more water. She handed me the line and ran to call the facilities maintenance folks. Wiping the wet hair out of my face, I spied the valve attached to the line and shut off the water.

It all happened in about a minute, but we were left with 40 liters of standing water on the floor. So we spent a good hour mopping up the water with the two pathetic mops we were able to score from housekeeping.

Good times.

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