Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, Husband was able to get Bean in to the doctor this afternoon, and the diagnosis was a double ear infection, most likely stemming from the bear of a cold that she had over Christmas. So she got her first dose of antibiotics tonight. She still refused to nurse, of course, but took another bottle from Husband.

I'm anticipating that she won't nurse again until tomorrow evening (they say the antibiotics offer relief from symptoms after 24 hours. So I'll just have to be patient until then.

I had a horrible and stressful day. Highlights included:

-taking a home pregnancy test at 6:00 this morning to eliminate the possibility that Bean was refusing to nurse because I was accidentally pregnant (the test was, thankfully, negative)
-being an hour late to work because the Bean was so difficult to wrangle this morning
-taking our blood-soaked rotation student to the campus medical center as he had given himself a gaping head wound by hitting himself in the forehead with a door (requiring 9 stitches)
-missing my first pump session because of aforementioned trip to the medical center
-a frantic afternoon trying to accomplish too many tasks and working with my undergraduate student
-running late to my class
-sitting on a bus with many wet, wool-clad people for 30 minutes (none of whom, apparently, shower)
-waiting for Husband and Bean for over an hour at the bookstore (not Husband's fault... he was at the doctor with Bean)
-being so engorged by the time I got home that I couldn't even pump
-getting zero quality time with Bean before she melted down and went to bed

But on the very bright side, we know what's going on with the Bean, and hopefully she will be feeling better (and nursing again!) soon.

The end.


Another Mom said...

Wow what a week you've had! I'm so glad you got the Bean sorted out. And it's helpful to know an ear infection can appear without a fever! I hope she gets better fast. Here's to a restful weekend. Hugs to you both.

Kate said...

I'm so glad to hear everything got figured out for you and bean!!