Friday, October 3, 2008

Speaking of idiots...

...anyone catch the debate last night?

Husband predicted last week that the media had so hyped Palin as an idiot that as long as she didn't use the N-word or physically implode during the debate she would be hailed as a champ. And sure enough pretty the entire world is claiming that she did a good job.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

I swear to god, I actually found her attitude offensive. Her "I'm just a mom from Alaska and I share your values and hardships" attitude made me want to smack her in the face. The Republican party is not working for the middle class...

And who the hell was she winking at?

I thought that Joe Biden did an good job. He talked about real issues. Unfortunately he was about as personable as a snail. But he's intelligent and well-spoken, I agree with virtually everything he had to say. I was also a little disappointed that he didn't go for the jugular.

The debate was something of a letdown. She did a good job of listening to her debate coaches. She wasn't forced to deviate from her script, which was a disappointment. I fear this may have alleviated some people's fears about her. I can only hope that enough people weren't fooled.

An aside: As a mom, I found it extremely strange that after the debate had ended, Sarah Palin did not take her infant son from her daughters arms. I'm assuming she's had very little time with her son over the past week, and I found it very odd that she wasn't rushing to try to hold him. He's still a tiny infant... I found it weird. I wonder if she was told not to hold him... I've never seen any pictures of her holding him.


EcoGeoFemme said...

That winking sure was weird.

ABC stayed on them for a few minutes after it ended. She did take her son and was bouncing him as she talked to Biden or her coaches or whoever.

There were lots of discussions before the debate that Biden would be perceived as a jerk if he ripped into her too much. I thought it was interesting that almost everything he said was directed at McCain and not at Palin. I wondered if that was how they would have handled it if he was not up against a pretty woman.

The bean-mom said...

I missed all but the very end of the show, when I saw Palin took her littlest son in her arms. What I thought was odd was that he was *sleeping* in someone else's arms when she took him, causing his sleeping head to loll about. Didn't understand why she was disturbing him in that manner.

Oh, that's right--for the photo op, of course. She's ALWAYS holding him for the cameras.

A side note: even though I didn't see the debate, all the news analysis seems to be that she didn't humiliate herself. And I must say, even though I intensely dislike her policies...I'm rather glad she didn't humiliate herself terribly. Those Katie Couric interviews were just painful, and I really hate to see *anyone* in that position.

ScienceMama said...

I watched the debate on PBS... maybe they just didn't stay focused on her long enough before they skipped to their analysis.

I was disappointed that she didn't humiliate herself because I think she's a dangerous, ill-informed ideologue. I'm worried that since she didn't actually implode last night people might be lulled into thinking that she would be anything other than a disaster.

She actually said on camera that the causes of global warming are irrelevant. She couldn't name a single supreme court decision other than Roe v. Wade. She couldn't name a single news source that she regularly turns to for coverage of world events. She spouted irrelevant gibberish when first asked about the financial crisis. She doesn't even understand the principles of McCain's health care plan.

She's totally ill-equiped to hold the second highest office in the country.

Day ByDay said...

I think you'll enjoy this flowchart of Palin in the debate :)

debate flowchart

(scroll to the bottom of that post)

Candid Engineer said...

And who gives shout-outs to a 3rd grade class during the most professional event of your career? Who smiles and snickers while talking about serious subject matter?

Her body language disgusted me. And the fact that people everywhere think she did a good job is nauseating. All she did was avoid imploding on stage. Pat her on the back and send her back to her igloo.

Emily said...

As an Australian, I find it amazing just how much coverage of your election we are getting and let me tell you - Palin is considered a joke here too.
I can't believe how she got away with not answering the direct questions (maybe she will make a good politian after all! ;)