Friday, February 15, 2008

Aw, shucks!

Both Ecogeofemme and Arduous awarded my little blog an E! for excellence this week. Very kind, indeed! I write because it keeps me sane, it keeps me in touch with friends and family, and it helps me exercise my wee brain (which is at risk of turning completely to tofu).

So anyway, I am honored, and I want to take the opportunity to point people in the direction of some blogs that I think are particularly outstanding (in no particular order):

1. The Bean Chronicles... Intimate, hilarious, poignant, breathtaking.

2. On Being a Scientist and a Woman... ScienceWoman and co-blogger Alice talk about the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of being a woman on the tenure track in STEM.

3. Arduous Blog... Your average gal's guide to going green.

4. Thus Spake Zuska... A kicka** blog on feminism (in science and beyond).

5. A Natural Scientist... Fits of snark, straight from the bench.

6. A K8, a cat, a mission... Scientist and soon-to-be-mama Kate calls it like she sees it.

7. Female Science Professor... No fuss, no muss, a straight-shootin' look at tenure track.

8. See Jane Compute... A mama on the tenure track.

And, because I can't resist... Postsecret isn't exactly your average blog, but then again, it isn't your average blog. An amazing expression of the commonality of the human experience.


The bean-mom said...

Thanks, Sciencemama! Hope your week is going well!

Ms.PhD said...

thanks for the link to postsecret. I hadn't seen that before. it's like poetry.