Thursday, February 21, 2008

In training

You may (or may not) have noticed my new little training log off over in the sidebar. Training? you ask. For what?

I am trying to get myself back into shape. Before I got knocked up, I was in pretty much the best shape of my life. But pregnancy does horrible things sometimes, and now I am in rotten shape. I have missed running, and I am happy to be getting back to it.

But going from the best shape in my life to being in terrible shape is pretty discouraging. Going from running 40 miles a week to struggling with a 3 mile run is disheartening. So to keep myself on track, I have decided to train for another half marathon. I think having a goal, like being able to run a certain amount by a certain date, will keep me focused. It will also keep me from skipping runs because I'd rather hug my baby than drag my a** up a big ol' hill.

So the half marathon is June 29th. Lots of time to get myself back into running shape. I have an old friend coming to town that weekend, and she's going to run it with me. So I have a goal set.

I'm going to be logging my runs and keeping track of my progress, because when you're an anal retentive runner, there's nothing better than logging the miles, yo. It's going to be a little slow here at the start because I'm trying to get my lungs back, but while my runs are still fairly short, they are really hilly. So that's giving me more power than the little counter over there might suggest.

So anyway, you'll probably be hearing more about my training as the months wear on. I am really looking forward to race day!


EcoGeoFemme said...

Good luck!

saxifraga said...

Very inspiring. I have been workin on getting in shape for a while now (with mixed succes), but haven't done anything to actually measure the progress. Maybe I should have an "hours practiced yoga" in my side bar. I'd love to run too, but right now the weather is too crappy here. I knw other people run in snow and on ice, but that's not for me.