Monday, May 26, 2008

In tens

Hypoglycemiagirl, Sciencewoman and Janus Professor are all thinking in tens. And I am nothing if not a follower.

In 10 minutes: I will be sitting down to cuddle my amazing husband. Possibly with a bowl of frozen yogurt and sliced strawberries.

In 10 hours: I will be running 7 miles. Uphill. Both ways.

In 10 days: I will be making my first* poster for an academic conference.

In 10 weeks: I will be done with my half marathon, and perhaps prepping for a full(?).

In 10 months: I will know whether or not Husband has landed a faculty position, and where.

In 10 years: I will be settled into an "alternative" science career (whatever it may be), living in a real house, with my tenured husband and 2.5 kids... oh, and running whenever I can.

*Why I am presenting at an academic conference for the first time as a second year postdoc? My graduate advisor would only attend one conference a year and never sent his students or postdocs to conferences (though I hear he is starting to change this). My first conference season as a postdoc was spent on maternity leave. So there you go.


arduous said...

Good luck on your run tomorrow!

In ten years, we will have been friends for 27 years.

ScienceGirl said...

Good luck with the run, and enjoy the conference!

The bean-mom said...

Good luck on your half-marathon!

It sounds like a wonderful 10-year plan.