Friday, September 5, 2008

Good news and bad news

The good news is that the insurance company came back and said they are approving the claim.

The bad news is that our HOA board has become openly hostile to us, and it's unclear how much fighting we're going to have to do to actually be treated fairly when it comes to the insurance payout and repairs.

The good news is that the neighbors' damages will be covered by insurance.

The bad news is that that one of them has told us (rather rudely I'd like to add) that their insurance company is definitely going to sue us.

The good news is I've lost 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks.

The bad news is that I've been getting stress migraines and I'm too nauseous to eat.

The good news is that my friends got together and sent us gift cards for groceries as a little care package. Husband keeps calling them our food stamps.

The bad news is that it turns out there are a lot of people in this world who'd rather spit on you than be a decent human being.

The good news is I could probably fit back into my wedding dress now.


hypoglycemiagirl said...

Plenty of cyberhugs your way!

Anonymous said...

Yay for insurance coming through.

Boo for having to deal with jerks.

Yay for friends being awesome!

Boo for having to deal with jerks.

christina said...

I'm so surprised at these people's attitudes! Is this not what insurance is for? EVERYONE leaves the house with their washing machine running. It is a part of life! Don't these people see that it could easily have happen to them?

I would also be surprised if their insurance company actually sued you since you have very little assets. In a car accident that is obviously your fault, the other people don't sue you! They get money from your insurance; it is why one has insurance.

Jeez, people can be so mean sometimes.

ScientistMother said...

So happy that the insurance company is covering the damages, why their company is suing you as opposed to your insurance company is a bit confusing. There is no reason for neighbors to be rude, forget about them and focus on the great friends you have.

Aunt Becky said...

Why don't people accept this as an accident and move the hell on with their lives? You didn't do it on purpose. Period. That's just hideous that their insurance companies are planning to suing you.

I will punch them all for you.

Amanda said...

What horrible, horrible people! I just can't get over it! It was an accident, their damages will be covered and they can move on with their lives. Sending lots of hugs your way!

Ewan said...

If anything, I am probably most sorry that the sample of folks you have to deal with on this seems to be less enjoyable than average. Isn't it supposed to be at times of adversity that we discover new *friends*, not new idiots?

Sorry. [And yeah, even were you to get sued, insurance covers that too.]

Candid Engineer said...

I am so glad that your insurance company will cover the damage. This must be a big weight off of your mind. Hopefully the comments by your neighbor will be all bark and no bite... as I'm sure the neighbor is just put out by the inconvenience of the whole thing, and probably has a 15-foot pole lodged in his ass.

At least you have the weight loss as a silver lining. Enjoy your slim and trim body.

I'll be thinking of you, and hoping that this yucky situation will resolve itself soon.

The bean-mom said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your condo board and others are being such jerks! Virtual hugs to you--I'm glad your insurance is covering the loss, and hopefully everything will sort itself out!

Belanii said...

Whew...glad to hear insurance is covering it!!! Don't worry about the neighbor's insurance company, I can't see that being sound business practice for an insurance company (suing someone they know they can't recover a monetary verdict from) Your neighbor sounds like an ass-clown nonetheless.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you and yours and wondering how you're doing.
hurrah for the positives (especially the insurance company covering the claim!) and booo on all the negatives... this whole neighbor and condo board issue is unbelievable!
Whatever happened to human compassion? Hang in there!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Like everyone else, I just can't understand your neighbors. What they hell are they thinking? Can't they see that your shit is fucked up too? And that you don't have big piles of damp money stacked in your closets? Honestly, this is the sort of thing that just happens, not some stupid thing that you did.

I always thought that in situations like this, insurance companies dealt with insurance companies and the people were left out of it. I hope that's what ends up happening for you. What about the washing machine company? I really hope your neighbors get over it and apologize for being jackasses.

Hang in there.

mama of the valley said...

Relieved to hear there is some good news!

Scientia Matris said...

Just caught up with your somewhat revolting month. Keep your chin up and I hope you can filter out all the nasty parts of this very trying experience.