Monday, March 3, 2008

Difficult week = Radio silence

Last week was tough, both at work and at home.

I just got in a crap load of data at work (~132,000 data points), and my boss is breathing down my neck to get it all analyzed. She's like a kid on Christmas Eve, but I'm still making her present...

And the Bean scored yet another ear infection. She was sent home from school on Thursday with a fever, but we thought it was a tummy bug because she wasn't eating and her teacher said had some runny poop. By Friday, the Bean had a 103.7 degree fever, and the doctor diagnosed her with yet another ear infection (this is number 6 or 7 since November). She gave us some antibiotics, but Friday night was one of the worst nights of our lives. Poor Bean was feverish, and cried inconsolably for hours. She'd go to sleep only to wake up 20 minutes later, screaming again. It was terrible. Her fever didn't resolve until Sunday morning. Poor little Bean!

This kind of seals the deal that the Bean is almost definitely going to need tubes in her ears. Our appointment with the ear, nose, and throat specialist is in 2 weeks. I hope the Bean can stay healthy until then...

But yesterday the Bean was doing a lot better. We got her a little baby walker to help her practice walking, and she LOVES it. She spent most of the day on Sunday practicing "walking" forward. She's getting really good at it, and can walk quite a distance just holding on to one of our fingers for balance. She's improving by the day, and I'm pretty sure she'll be taking her first solo steps in a few weeks.

It was also fairly good weather for parts of the day yesterday, so we got out for a couple of family walks with Pup. It was really nice to be out, and the crocus' are starting to bloom here, which the Bean was very interested in. But mostly she's interested in dogs. She says "Dah" whenever she sees a dog walking by, and if the dog is playful she gets REALLY excited. On the other hand, she also says "Dah" when she sees our two cats... but to be fair, she can't make a "C" sound yet.

But the good news for me is that I did a 6 mile run yesterday without any problem. So that made me feel really good. I've been running 5 miles on a really hilly route near my house, and yesterday I did a flat 6 mile run. I'm still running really slowly, but I figure my speed will come back with time. I'm just glad my lungs and legs are strong enough to keep me going for 6 miles. It made me feel like I was actually going to be able to do this half marathon in June... provided I can tear myself away from my adorable baby long enough to train.


arduous said...

Aw. Poor Bean!! That sucks so hard.

Congrats on the run! I am so out of shape that I went for 3-4 mile walks this weekend, and was breathless by the end. :(

Kate said...

I apparently used to get the worst ear infections. They're no fun for parents for sure! Glad Bean is diagnosed and on the mend.

And that's great about six miles, wow! Getting past the five mile mark is big, and you are right, the speed will come back. Looking forward to hearing how your training goes leading up to June!

Scientia Matris said...

we held out for ages and ages before agreeing to tubes (and tonsils + adenoids out at the same time). It was THE best thing we did for our son and, of course, we wished we'd done in sooner. For four years he never slept properly (his first ear infection was at 8 weeks of age and he was sick constantly until he began to walk alone). Walking will be good for your baby as being upright will help the eustacian tubes drain. But if they're short tubes and already glued up then it's hard to get them right. Good luck. No sleep and a lot of science to get done makes mother a stressed out lady!

The bean-mom said...

Oh, poor Bean with all those ear infections! Hopefully the tubes will put an end to all that, and give everyone more restful nights!

And I'm so impressed with your training... Wow, sleep deprivation, working at home and in the lab, and still running 6 miles. I wonder if I could tear myself off this chair to go for a walk now?