Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthday Bean, Part 2

The day the Bean was born, it was unseasonably warm and sunny, and as we sat in the recovery room admiring our little girl, sunlight streamed in through the windows.

This year, for Bean's first birthday, it was unseasonably cold. In fact, we saw the latest snowfall on record for our area. The night before Bean's birthday, Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom saw fit to drop two inches of snow at our house. Our plan to spend Bean's birthday at the zoo was shot, but we had a nice day anyway.

We woke up on Bean's schedule, around 6:00 a.m. Bean had a leisurely nurse, and then Husband Bean and I cuddled in bed for a few minutes before Bean decided it was time to find Pup. Bean, Grandma B (a.k.a. my mom) and I played "Put The Lovey On Your Head" while Husband whipped up a batch of carrot pancakes. (See recipe below. I don't care who you are, you will love these pancakes as they are the greatest thing ever invented. Ever.) Cubes of pancake, tiny bits of cut up banana, and slices of orange. We ate like kings!

Breakfast was followed by playtime and then a glorious 2 hour nap (for Bean... we took showers and cleaned the house). Bean woke up in a fantastic mood, and we were off to meet some friends from our birthing class for lunch. I brought delicious fruits and veggies for Bean's lunch, which she ate, but Grandma B also slipped Bean pizza crust and pear gelato. Birthday treats, I guess. Bean could not get enough of the gelato.

We spent the afternoon at the local children's museum which was fantastic. Bean was a little gecko, climbing up and down every conceivable surface. Her interest was held in particular by several sets of steps. Climbing stairs is a great challenge and she approaches them without hesitation. She also enjoyed the slide immensely.

After the museum, Bean fell asleep on the ride home and after her nap was done, Grandma B set about feeding her dinner. Husband and I celebrated Bean's birthday on our own that night with a date... sushi, a movie, and a cocktail.

It was a really lovely day.


EcoGeoFemme said...

That sounds like an awesome day!

The bean-mom said...

It does really sound like a lovely day.

Happy first birthday, Bean!
And I'll have to try out that pancake recipe you posted above!