Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deadlines, etc

This week I have approximately 80,000 deadlines at work. Actually, specifically, all my deadlines are on Friday. Just before I leave for a week long scientific conference. And 36 hours after I return from the conference I'll be running a half-marathon. This is making for a very stressed out ScienceMama.

I agreed to go to this conference several months ago because I figured it'd be a good way to rejuvenate the science love. And it will. I love listening to talks, I love thinking about different kinds of research. I think it will be great for the Science half of me. But the Mama half of me is totally pissy about having to go. Six days is a long time to leave my child, especially when we're still nursing twice a day (which means I'll have to bring along my pump and since I'll have a roommate at the conference, pump in the bathroom... um, suck much?).

The conference is also coming at a time when I couldn't be feeling more behind in pretty much every aspect of my life. My house is a filthy mess (if we weren't dirt poor right now, I'd be ready to give in and start paying someone to come in and sweep). I have the aforementioned 80,000 deadlines. I'm barely keeping up with my experiments. And I feel perpetually guilty for not having the time to be more creative cooking for Bean.

I'm really sad about leaving the Bean. My only consolation is that I'll probably be so busy at the conference that time will pass quickly (I hope).


hypoglycemiagirl said...

Oh, the deadlines, the deadlines. I hope your conference will be inspiring and that you won't miss the Bean too much!

EcoGeoFemme said...

Super suck. But it'll be over soon.

Candid Engineer said...

Maybe a stiff drink will cheer you up? :)

Hang in there and try to enjoy the conference. The Bean will welcome you when you get home.

The bean-mom said...

My home is also a filthy mess (even though I stay at home. Maybe because I stay at home?)

I hope you have a great, inspiring time at the conference. And then lots of Bean cuddles when you get back!