Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is bullsh*t

It is cold here in Dissertation City. Not just today. It has been rainy with highs in the mid 50s for over 2 weeks. We have not had one snippet of sunshine this month. And it's frickin' June here people. June. We have the heat on. It's June.

This is when Dissertation City gets me down. Everywhere else in the darn country it's 80+ degrees and sunny. People are in tank tops. People are BBQing. People are out hiking and biking and walking in sandals. Not here. Here we are still wearing wool sweaters. "Happy October" the weather man joked. It wasn't funny.

They say the Inuit have some impressive number of words for snow. In Dissertation City, the weather man has 57 different pictures to represent different kinds of rainy days. "Rain in the morning, showers in the afternoon" is a big rain cloud with more rain on the left and less rain on the right. He has another 36 different pictures of clouds covering a sun. You're supposed to interpret the number of rays and the color of the clouds to divine how many seconds of blessed sunlight you will get during the day.

"Sunbreaks"... this is a word I never heard before I moved here. We're so pathetically sun-deprived that it's big news if there is going to be a break in the clouds for the sun to peak through for a few minutes. "Expect a few sunbreaks late this afternoon" the weather man says. Growing up in California all the weather man had to say was cloudy, rainy or sunny. Here the weather man has 93 ways to tell you how bad your day is going to suck.

There are times when I love this town. Most of the year, in fact, I love this town. But from March through June I'm about ready to chuck my life in the trunk of my car and head for sunnier pastures. The first 6 months of rain were enough. I don't need the extra 3.

Sigh. If I win the lottery (which I won't since I don't play), I am totally going to Hawaii.


hypoglycemiagirl said...

oh, that sounds like it really sucks. but I guess it makes the sunny days really wonderful!

Jennie said...

The weather can really make or break a place. I think my husband and I would have staying the Midwest longer if it wasn't for such a bad winter this year. California here I come (sorry, not gloating).

The bean-mom said...

Awww, sorry to hear about the gloomy weather. Rain (for more than a few days in a row) gets me down, too.

Hope a few sunbreaks come your way soon!

Amanda said...

I hate rainy weather. It just makes me want to crawl back into and sleep until it's sunny again!

ScientistMother said...

If I didn't know that you were in the US I would swear you were in my city. I've been calling it Junary. Who other than us has the HEAT ON in jUne! URGHH!!

mama of the valley said...

we left behind the crappy super heat of central Cali to come up to Portland this week...we're loving the 50's! ;)

Julie R said...

Cold rainy weather is the worst, especially when its supposed to be warm and sunny outside. You should come visit me in Postdoc City where we are having warmer than average temps and everyone is complaining they are going to die from the heat (upper '80s).