Thursday, December 4, 2008


-This weekend, my in-laws taught Bean to say Psych! as well as it's proper usage. So her newest game is to hold out a toy (or a piece of food, or a tissue, or a piece of trash she found on the floor...), and then as soon as you reach to accept the item, she pulls it back and yells Psych! at the top of her lungs. This is followed by 30 seconds of adorable maniacal laughter. Then she offers you the item again...

-Bean's report card yesterday said that they are working with Bean on her inside voice, as well as walking when indoors. Bean currently has a collection of bruises that she has acquired by running full force everywhere she wants to go and then tripping and falling into something. She's kind of a clutz (like her mama...).

-Last night on the way home from school, we passed a house that normally has blue Christmas lights strung on the balcony. The owners hadn't turned them on yet, and Bean was sorely disappointed. More blue lights! she cried More blue lights! She didn't want to hear my explanations for why the blue lights were off.

-It is time for me to break out the cold weather running gear. Stupid cold city.

-I ran a very expensive experiment yesterday. The last time I tried it the dumb cells did not behave. I should know tomorrow whether or not it worked this time. Fingers crossed because money is tight until our new NIH grant comes in (April?).

-I have been reading some really great papers this week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading good papers. It makes me happy. It reminds me why I love science (even if sometimes I hate bench work).


Emily said...

Your daughter is seriously clever! I think the clumsiness is just a product of all her energy - she will grow into it. (I have been working on my son's inside voice for 6 years now! He yells at me when we are sitting together - MUM!)
I am getting ready to start running in the 40C Australian summer - heat stroke anyone? :)
Good luck with your expensive experiment - I have my fingers crossed for you! There is nothing like the anticipation of finding out if something worked or not. Let us know.

Ms. Core said...

I love love the Psych thing...have been giggling about it for the last 5 minutes..

mama of the valley said...

love your bullets...miss you too!

Isis the Scientist said...

HA HA HA HA!!! Psych!

That is hysterical!!!!!!!