Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow day(s)

In Dissertation City, it usually snows about once a year. That snow usually sticks around for about a day before melting off. My grad school friends, who all seem to come from snowy places, MOCK the residents of Dissertation City because an inch or two of snow and the city shuts down. School is canceled, the roads are treacherous, anyone who can stays home from work. Wimps! my friends say. Dissertation City does not have much in the way of snow plows or salt trucks.. because it only snows one day a year.


The past few weeks have been freezing around here, and on Wednesday the snow arrived. Not a lot, of course, but 3 or inches, enough to make the roads terrible and to shut down Bean's school. So I have been home, snow bound, with a sick toddler for 5 days straight. It's been great to have so much time with Bean, but I am STIR CRAZY.

On Friday I was able to get to the grocery store, which was very lucky... we got another 5 inches yesterday! This morning we trudged through the snow to get a couple of things for our elderly neighbor. But that's been about the sum total of our outings.

We made cookies for the neighbors together (she "helped" roll the dough). We have sung Christmas carols. We put necklaces on the dog. She played dress up in my closet. She has memorized the pages of November's issue of National Geographic. We have exhausted all of Bean's books, she is sick of coloring. This morning, desperate for a break, I broke down and let her watch a few minutes of Frosty the Snowman on TV. If we can't get out of the house again tomorrow, I don't know what I'm going to do... possibly gouge my eyes out.

On the bright side, I've been incredibly productive during her naps. The house is freakin' spotless and I organized all of our closets and cupboards.

On Wednesday we're flying to California to see my parents. The Dissertation City airport has been a complete and total mess, and I'm just praying that the gods of flight will take pity on us and give us a safe flight with minimal delays. If we can even get to the airport...


ScientistMother said...

Are you sure HomeCity and Dessertation City are not one and the same? Monkey came with me to the lab to fridays ago, b/c of a "snow day" that ended in rain. We're completely shut down now because of snow. Really we have no excuse, its Canada we're the cold Northern country.

Grumpy, PhD said...

Ahh, my kindergartener just enjoyed her first snow day friday; but, she would have been home anyway with pink eye. However, we are looking at well over 12 inches here... fortunately, there is no snow in the forecast for Monday... I get a short break before the holiday recess.

mama of the valley said...

I hope your flight got out ok! Ours got canceled and we had to drive 15 hrs home to Cali. The first 3 hrs were pretty scary...the ice coated snow here was wicked!