Friday, October 19, 2007

0.5 years old

In honor of Bean's 6 month birthday, may I present our birth story...

I started having contractions at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday the 19th, one day before my due date. The contractions were strong and painful, but I didn't think they were real labor contractions because I could only feel them in the lower part of my uterus... the top of my uterus didn't feel like it was contracting at all. The contractions started about 15 minutes apart, and though they were painful, they weren’t terrible. I told husband this wasn’t the real thing, and I continued packing my lunch for work.

We had a scheduled doctors appointment at 9:40, so we got ourselves ready, and right before we walked out the door I told Husband to grab the camera “just in case”. In the car the contractions started to organize and become regular. Husband was timing them and it was amazing that they were now coming every five minutes on the dot, and I was having to use my breathing exercises to make it through. By the time we got to the hospital, I had to stop walking during the contractions. When we saw my doctor, she watched me have a contraction and then decided to check my cervix. At 9:45 a.m. I was dilated to about 1.5 centimeters, but hadn't really thinned at all. She decided to send me to the birthing center to get monitored, but warned me that they would probably monitor me for a bit and then either send me out for a walk or send me home. She offered us a wheelchair to get over to the birthing center, but I decided I wanted to walk.

On the way to the birthing center I had a contraction in an elevator, much to the chagrin of the 6 other people on board. Then walking over to the birthing center, the contractions were coming just three minutes apart, but I was in complete denial. I was talking to Husband about whether or not I should go to work after we left the birthing center. Luckily Husband humored me and said we’d see how I felt after they checked me out at the birthing center.

Once we arrived, they took me into the triage suite and hooked me up to the monitors, saw that my contractions were coming fast and hard, and decided I probably wasn't going anywhere. The on-call resident performed an ultrasound to check the baby's position, and to our horror said that the baby was butt down. I immediately started to cry. My doctor had felt Bean’s position through my stomach and had assured me that she was head down, but apparently she was wrong..

The resident told me that the on-call obstetrician might be able to perform a version to flip the baby and allow a vaginal delivery. So the OB was called in. She was dubious, but said that they could try to stop the contractions, perform the version, and hen restart the contractions and hope for a vaginal delivery. I said that I wanted her to try. So they gave me a shot which immediately stopped the contractions. She then went to check my cervix. In the 45 minutes since my doctor had checked me, I had gone from 1.5 cms and 0% effaced to 5 cms and 100% effaced! The OB said that she could no longer try to perform the version because with my cervix that far open, it was possible that the bag of waters could break and the cord could prolapse. So a C-section was now my only option. Of course, I was devastated, but with no other safe options for a vaginal delivery, I signed the consent form.

From there, everything happened pretty quickly. They immediately began prepping me for surgery, gave me the spinal (which was horrible), and as soon as they could get everyone assembled, they started the surgery. It took about 10 minutes for them to get down to the uterus, at which point they squeezed my belly like a tube of toothpaste to extract the baby. At 12:54 p.m. I heard the very first little squak from our baby girl, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. When they put her down on the table to get cleaned up, I almost didn't believe she was actually mine because she was so darn beautiful! Husband got to hold her while they stitched me up, and at 1:30 I was breastfeeding her for the first time.

7 pounds, 1 oz
18.5 inches
Born April 19th at 12:54 p.m.


ScienceWoman said...

Not what you wanted, but a very happy ending nonetheless. I think I'm becoming a baby person.

arduous said...

happy half-birthday bean!

The bean-mom said...

That's an absolutely beautiful picture of you holding the new-born Bean. Congrats on her half-birthday!

Jane said...

Thanks for posting your birth story. I was also in denial about going into labor, but that's mainly because all of my contractions were in my back. (Good times.) Happy half-birthday to your little girl!

Flicka said...

Nice story and beautiful pictures! She's adorable! Happy half-birthday, from a new visitor (and avid reader of all mommy-scientist blogs).

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