Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Steps

The last 5 days in a row of picking up Bean at daycare, her teachers have said that Bean had a fussy day. We've been talking about the possibility of teething, despite the fact that there aren't any hard little ridges yet. We increased her bottles (more on that later). No improvement.

Today I mentioned to her teacher that perhaps it's because Bean is getting ready to crawl. A pediatric nurse who runs a support group for new parents always says that there is chaos whenever baby is trying to acquire a new skill. Especially crawling. Her teacher thought that was possible and said that Bean's been trying to army crawl.

Well tonight we got home and after feeding Bean we put her on her tummy on her mat to play. And sure enough, Bean started tucking her knees under herself and wriggling forward! And it wasn't just belly to the ground crawling, she was getting her knees under herself pretty darn well and really getting her belly up!

I know every baby crawls, etc, but I seriously started crying. I was so happy and proud!

Well, eventually it was time for bed, but it seemed Bean didn't know how to shut it off. I'd get her pretty much to sleep, and then 10 minutes later there was a crying Bean laying on her tummy trying to crawl in her crib (having broken out of an expert swaddle). Over and over again. Finally, after extensive rocking in her Ikea Poang chair (a lifesaver! best rocking motion for soothing a baby, hands down!), Bean finally drifted off. It's been about 15 minutes and I still don't hear her wrestling her way out of her swaddle. *Knocks on wood*

Here's hoping for a good nights sleep and a better day tomorrow!

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The bean-mom said...

Congrats on the crawling Bean! Oh, it's true--my children were always restless just before learning a new skill, too! And then they're so eager to practice it!