Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taking a day off

It was a good weekend.


Amy said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog even though I don't have time to post often. I am finishing my post-doc and my son just turned one. I too ponder why my profession makes is difficult (impossible?) to be a 'successful' (as defined by others) scientist and mother.

Even before having my son, I did not really want to do the tenure-track faculty career path. I knew even then that I wanted to have a life outside of science. I have talents and interests other than science. My Ph.D. advisor once said to me that she enjoys her grandkids so much because she missed her own children growing up. That has stuck with me since then. I don't want to be 60 and look back to realize I missed the best years. I love science but my family and self have to come first.

I just wish that it were easier for women in our positions. Anyway, I will be starting a new job in December. It is a unique position that I hope will give me the ability to be involved in science without needing to be the one writing grants and slaving away. I hope it works out.

Keep up the good blog. Bean is beautiful.

ScienceMama said...

Good luck with the new position, Amy!

It's hard to be the one who dares to say "I enjoy science, but I enjoy other things too" when everyone around you seems to be so single-minded. But hopefully we can both find our niches where we can do our science, but do all the other things we love too.

The bean-mom said...

Oh, goodness! You're Bean is beautiful.