Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A crafty little one

Tonight when we were picking little Bean up from daycare, one of her teachers was exclaiming over how quickly Bean has learned the rewards of being mobile.

Apparently Bean was laying on the floor this afternoon and spotted, through a little baby gym, one of her classmates playing with a set of plastic "beads", the gigantic ones that click together and form little chains. (These beads, by the way, are exactly the same as the ones we bought to replace Bean's former bath toys which were recently exiled under suspicion of lead paint.) Anyway, Bean army crawled her way across the floor, wriggled around the baby gym, and then climbed across her classmate to take the beads from him. She managed to pull several beads off the chain and rolled over onto her back to enjoy the spoils of victory.

Ah my little thief. I take comfort in the fact that all of her classmates seem hellbent on stealing whatever toy another baby has. So she's probably not destined to be a bully.


Betsy said...

I'm guessing she thought the other child had HER beads and she was just retrieving them!

Kate said...

Crafty... and cute!

Field Notes said...

Just wait until she's walking; whole brain systems chain then.

The bean-mom said...

Oh no, not a bully at all. Just a very cute baby!