Monday, October 15, 2007

Here comes winter

We really did have a great weekend. After 2 weeks of rainy gray-ness, the clouds parted late Saturday morning and we had two days of great weather. Though Husband and I both had a bit of lab work to do each day, we mostly took the weekend off to enjoy the gorgeous weather before we get socked in with rain for the next 6 months.

Saturday we took Bean and Pup for a walk at our favorite park to see all the wonderful fall colors. We took our time, showing Bean all the different colors on the different trees. She sampled many leaves and found the maple leaves to be the most delicious. Then we treated ourselves to Ethiopian for lunch before hitting the backroads and heading through farm country. We found a pumpkin patch (see below) and picked an oversized but perfect pumpkin.

Sunday, after we did our lab work, we went to a friends house for a BBQ and ended up spending most of the afternoon relaxing in their backyard. Bean was moderately interested in their gigantic Bernese Mountain Dog, and found our lunch far more interesting.

By the time we got home we realized we had spent far too much of the weekend playing and so I ran off to the grocery store with Bean to do the grocery shopping for the week while Husband finished up some writing he was supposed to have done by today. But even the grocery shopping with Bean was fun because I wore her in the Bjorn and we discussed all of the produce. I don't mind looking like a crazy lady, bouncing up and down the aisles to keep Bean squealing while we shop. And in general I think people are smiling at me indulgently, not laughing at me. I think.

So we'll be paying for our lazy weekend all week. We're behind on the laundry, the bathroom's a mess, the floors are covered in pet hair. But this morning the rain kicked in full force again, and the weather forecast is calling for rain for the next 10 days. We may not see another nice weekend like this one for the rest of the year, so I'm glad we took some time to enjoy ourselves together.

I promise to clean the bathroom tonight. Or tomorrow.

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