Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby food

So, as the last couple of posts have intimated, the Bean has started taking solid foods. About 10 days ago the Bean started taking small quantities of peaches. She stopped turning her head away, started opening her mouth at the right times, and stopped grabbing the spoon. She even started to swallow what we got in there. Big victory.

Over a few more days, she started accepting sweet potatoes, rice cereal, and applesauce. Huge victory.

Now, the Bean has suddenly started getting excited to eat. She can tell when we start getting ready to feed her, and she makes little squeaks to get us to hurry up.

The real kicker was at Thanksgiving dinner. We weren't planning to give her any of the food, but sitting in Husbands lap watching him eat, she started to complain about not getting any herself. So we gave her a tasted of mashed potato. But a taste wasn't sufficient. She demanded more, and got mad when Husband stopped to take a bite himself.

This weekend she even started getting enough solid food that she started having stinky food poops instead of the relatively innocuous breastmilk poops. (Boy was that an unwelcome surprise!)

The feeding is fun, if messy, but I'm also kind of sad. It somehow feels like a step away from breastfeeding. It should probably make me happy, but instead I feel sad.


The bean-mom said...

I know how you feel. My Legume has started eating solid food, too. She loves it, and yells in anger when we stop to refill her spoon. But it makes me a little sad, too... It means she doesn't need me so much anymore. Once she got ALL her nutrients from me, and now she doesn't.

hypoglycemiagirl said...

But the good thing is you can still breastfeed her for months and months without the pressure that you have to provide the only nutrients she needs. The breastfeeding will be the perfect icing on an otherwise very nice cake, a little extra boost for her immune system and a lot of cozy comfort.