Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sleep, at last

Bean has finally gone back to a more normal sleep routine (knock on wood). Thank god, yo. I was so tired, it was getting ridiculous. But last night I had what might have been considered pre-baby sleep. 7.5 uninterupted hours. The only difference was that it started at 9:00 and ended at 4:30. But hey, I slept. And it was gooood.

Actually I slept so hard that Bean was crying out by the time I woke and heard her. Normally I sleep lightly enough that I can hear her starting to make little sad calls for me long before she cries. But I was deep in a dream (about swimming) and woke to the sounds of a sad/mad Bean. I rushed to her crib and picked her up immediately. It was only when I got there that I was awake enough to realize "Oh crap, I gotta pee."

Dilema: Put her back down in the crib and let her cry (waking Husband, who is sick) long enough for me to go to the bathroom, OR hang onto her and go to the bathroom with my hungry baby sucking on my shirt...

I chose the latter.


The bean-mom said...

Ohhhh, I've done that! Gone to the bathroom with a baby in my arms! And I've done it with a toddler, too!

Congrats, though, on 7.5 h of uninterrupted sleep! That's awesome!

arduous said...

I know that everyone claims, "Oh, you'll be different when you have a child. You'll be all selfless and blah blah blah."

But I just have to say, that I love my sleep. I may love my sleep more than I love anything else in the world. So I am a little worried, that when I get woken up at 4:30, my response will be, "That thing ain't mine."