Saturday, November 10, 2007

It had to happen sometime

Well, no sooner did I write that the Bean was going to be chasing the cats now that she's mobile, the Bean sustained her first pet-related injury (and in fact, her first injury that wasn't self-inflicted).

Bean's school was closed yesterday for an in-service day, so Husband was having a daddy-daughter day. After quite a struggle, Husband got Bean down for her nap, and he left the door open to the nursery so he could hear her. Apparently at some point, one of our two cats climbed into the crib to share naptime. When the Bean woke up, she made a move for the cat (who is very skittish) and the cat responded with claws.

Bean sustained a small (2-3 mm) scratch on her scalp and a long (3 cm) scratch on her forearm. Neither scratch bled, but it gave the Bean quite a scare and she required many hugs to return her to her normal cheerful self.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that this incident has been filed away as a "Note to self". This morning Bean was pretty actively attempting to get ahold of our other (identical looking) cat.

I don't think the cats would ever do more than give her a warning swipe if she were invading their space, but on the other hand, a warning swipe to the cornea would be, um, BAD. While I'm hopeful that the cats will generally start giving her pretty wide berth, I'm not sure how to keep everybody safe and happy.

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The bean-mom said...

I'm sorry to hear your Bean got scratched. My cat has never hurt my elder daughter, but I wonder about this second child. The Legume isn't very mobile yet, but she's already very aggressive about grabbing at our cat's face and fur whenever the cat approaches... I guess we just have to be vigilant, and eventually the "kids" will work it out between themselves...