Friday, November 16, 2007


One of the greatest things now is that Bean, when we come to pick her up from school, gives us the biggest happiest grins. It's a grin of just pure joy. And the other day, when we walked in and I called her name, she smiled and started crawling over to me. I practically peed my pants, it was so exciting.

Our reunion at the end of the day is probably my second favorite part of every day (with first place going to our morning cuddles after nursing). I look forward to it all afternoon, and when we exit the freeway, I even find myself getting giddy to see her. I have to remind myself not to just ditch Husband at the car and run inside.

When I pick her up for the first time, she usually coos for me, and smiles of course. She will often bury her head against my shoulder and snuggle.

Sometimes she's so eager to breastfeed that she gets mad when we put her in the car seat to drive the 2 minutes to our house. But it's not out of hunger... They usually give her the last bottle of the day less than an hour before we arrive. It's because she wants to lay down with me and snuggle and nurse. *Sigh*

How can I not be completely in love with this child?


hypoglycemiagirl said...

Nice to see that the ol' evolutionary adaptation works, eh?

The bean-mom said...

Ohh, beautiful, Sciencemama.

EcoGeoFemme said...

Lovely image.
This is the stuff that makes me want to have kids.

mamabear said...

there's nothing as wonderful in the world as a baby...especially when its yours! ;)