Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At least I think I'm funny

Last night Bean woke up crying. I tried to look at the clock but found I couldn't see it... my eyes were mysteriously swollen shut. While Husband tended the Bean, I stumbled to the bathroom and pried my eyes open. Sure enough, my original diagnosis was correct. My eyes were tender and red, and the lids so swollen they had lost their creases. WTF? I grumbled.

Best guess: an allergic reaction to something. I took an anti-histamine, put an ice pack on my face and went back to sleep.

This morning I looked like I had been mugged in a back alley. Though I could now open my eyes (an improvement to be sure), my eyes were still so puffy they were literally convex. Too bad I'm giving lab meeting tomorrow (for which I still haven't finished preparing) and couldn't stay home and hide all day.

"What happened to your face?" our grad student asked me.

"Botox," I answered.


Amanda said...

Oh that does not sound like it feels good at all! I hope that everything goes back down soon.

And I probably would have laughed. As it was you made me giggle over my coffee.

Emily said...

Oh no! I remember when my Little Man gave me (and then husband) conjunctivitis. Not pretty.

And you are funny, very funny :)