Thursday, July 31, 2008

New T-shirt

I just saw a pregnant woman who was just starting to show... maybe 4 months along. She was wearing a shirt that said "BabyFat".

I thought to myself I should get myself one of those next time I'm preggo so people won't just think that I'm letting myself go.

Then I thought to myself, Why wait till I'm pregnant?

When I'm running I wear running clothes because they are the most comfortable. They're made from wicking fabrics, they don't bunch, they don't chafe. But they also don't leave anything to the imagination. Sometimes, like this morning, when I'm running past a group of construction workers I want to make excuses for myself. I had a baby! That's why my I look like this!

Usually I just settle for running faster.


canuck_grad said...

My baby is only 3 months old and I'm just getting back into running. I have some running clothes from before I was pregnant, and they're definitely snugger. I've been wearing other t-shirts, etc. because the weather here in the evenings tends to be pretty moderate so it's not that big of a deal. The other day I went running in the afternoon though, on a really hot day. When I came back I thought f*ck it to myself as well - next time everyone can look at my goopy jelly belly if they want to, I'm not running in the heat without a proper shirt again!

Nicole said...

FYI - those shirts are from a company called 2chix - I bought a few for my pregnant friends and everyone loves them - they've got really funny sayings and a whole section for dads too!

Sherri said...

I just started reading your blog, and have been reading it backwards to catch myself up (I have gone back to March 08 so far).

I've noticed several of your posts where you talk about not liking bench work but enjoy other parts of science, like this one:

"For the record, I LOVE science. It's beautiful. I love seminars, I love reading, I love thinking about data. But bench work is not fun for me. And so a career at the bench just isn't the right career for me in the long term."

Have you ever given any thought to switching (perhaps when you move with your husband for his tenure track position) to work as a biostatistician? For me, I find that I get to do all the parts of science I consider the best: reading papers, proposing study ideas, going to talks, analyzing data, writing papers, etc. Now, maybe you don't like analyzing data, or don't have the requisite background, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. :o) The opportunities for biostatisticians/data analysts can be quite varied to suit lots of different career goals and personalities.