Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes, it's July.
Yes, it's gorgeous outside.
Yes, I'm wearing a sweatshirt.
Yes, they totally over air-condition the lab.
Yes, I have a space heater running.

Yes, I know that's freaking ironic.


arduous said...

Oh my God. I'm sitting here freezing my ass off. I am not running a space heater (though I have on occasion) but instead am drinking a steady stream of tea. I think I've had 5 cups already. Mostly herbal, but still.

Candid Engineer said...

What a waste of energy. :(

Hope you can stay warm in the arctic tundra.

arduous said...

P.S. I miss the haikus. I want more haikus, dammit, Sciencemama!!!!

ScienceGirl said...

I am freezing too! I keep a sweater in my office in grad school, and I brought one to my internship lab as well. Both offices are in warm climates!