Friday, September 7, 2007

Boss lady

So my boss is writing a grant right now, based in large part on my project. There is nothing more annoying than when your boss is trying to write for funding.

1. They don't want to write, so they're always looking for an excuse to procrastinate, usually by talking to you... whether or not you're busy. If you're in the middle of an experiment, they just look over your shoulder and ask you to explain what you're working on. Not conducive to you actually getting stuff done.

2. Boss is hoping for new "preliminary data." Somewhere in your notebook, or in the experiments you are currently doing, is the one piece of data that will carry their entire grant and guarantee them new funding. They're sure of it. So if you could possibly comb through all of your old data while simultaneously producing new spectacular data, that would be great thanks.

3. If one of the experiments that they've pestered you about gets screwed up for one reason or another, your boss knows about it. And it's a little embarassing when you have to tell them "Well, I realized I designed my primers wrong... because I'm an idiot."

Of course today it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside, so Dr. DNA is "working from home." Instead of looking over my shoulder while I wash my blots. I'd like to go "work from home" with a small adorable baby on my lap, but I'm actually looking forward to these results and it's probably better if I don't bring my hot work home with me.

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