Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day of Poop

So, it turned out that yesterday was the Day of Poop.

When Husband and I went to pick up Bean from her first day at daycare, we walked in to see Bean sitting happily on the floor wearing an entirely different outfit than the one she had on when we dropped her off. Not surprising. Costume changes come with the territory. But what was surprising was that one of her teachers was also wearing a different outfit. Apparently Bean took a huge dump all over herself (special goldfish dress included) AND her teacher's clothes. That's my girl!...

She also only took about 5 oz the whole day (instead of her usual 12), and was complaining (i.e. screaming bloody murder) about taking the bottle. Not unexpected, I guess, as Bean has never been a fan of the bottle.

When we got Bean home, we opened the door to find our house absolutely reaking. Upon further inspection, we found that our dog Pup had had explosive diarrhea all over the nursery. I'll spare you all the gory and disgusting details, but we had one sick Pup on our hands! Since Pup's behavior was totally normal (i.e. she ate her dinner, she wanted to play, she didn't act at all sick), we decided not to drag her to the emergency vet and instead made an appointment for the morning.

Husband kindly cleaned the nursery rug as best as he possibly could, and I fed Bean, who was (no surprise) starving after a long day of refusing to eat. We finally had to give her a bottle because she sucked me completely dry and was still hungry for more. She took the bottle from daddy with minimal complaint.

Now if only we can convince her to do that at school...

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Blah Blah Blah said...

Hands full with Bean and Pup... good times good times! :-)

Just passing through. Sitting at work as I push the "next blog" icon... Finally a blog that I can actually view at Yes, I know I rambled...*huge sigh*...happens quite often.